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Mentally Impaired Pattaya Bargirl Rescued from ‘Boyfriend’ After Being Held 5 Days

Tawika Yuthiya , left is reunited with her daughter and mother in Pattaya. (Photo: Pattaya Mail, with permission)
Tawika Yuthiya , left is reunited with her daughter and mother in Pattaya. (Photo: Pattaya Mail, with permission)

A mentally impaired Chaiyaphum woman who never should have ended up in a Pattaya bar was rescued from a man who had convinced her he was her boyfriend.

Tawika Yuthiya, 24, was reunited with her mother and baby daughter after being extracted from a low-income housing project in Najomtien Subdistrict outside Pattaya where she had been staying with “boyfriend” she’d met only five days earlier.

Mother Chanapa Yuthiya had come to Pattaya from the Northeast Province with Tawika’s 7-month-old daughter Nov. 21 after she and the bargirl’s elder sister had been able to reach her for five days.

Filing a missing person’s report with Pattaya police, Chanapa told investigators that, the last time they spoke, Tawika said said she was living with a man who had refused to let her return home.

Chanapa was worried because her daughter suffers from unspecified mental condition – suspected to be bipolar syndrome – that leaves her unable to care for herself when not medicated.

Tawika’s mother said she spoke with the man, who said he would take care of her and refused to give their location.

By Sunday, police had located Tawika, but she initially refused to leave the Ban Euarthorn project. Officers finally managed to get her alone and took her into protective custody before reuiniting the woman with her family.

When Tawika saw Chanapa, she didn’t recognize her own mother.

Police detained the unidentified Sattahip District man and brought him to Pattaya Police Station for a drug test. Chanapa declined to press illegal confinement charges, but police said they would charge him with narcotics possession if the drug test came back positive.

During questioning, Tawika said she had come to Pattaya to work at a small beer bar, but later moved to a larger go-go bar. On Nov. 16, after leaving work, she was approached by the man who convinced her to come home with him, she said.

By the morning, she had forgotten where she was, how to get back to her own apartment or work. She believed the man when he told her he was her boyfriend and she decided to stay with him, Tawika said.

Chanapa thanked police for finding her daughter and took her back home for medical treatment, saying this was the end of her bar career in Pattaya.

This report combines two stories from the Pattaya Mail, a Bangkok Herald partner.