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Old Pattaya Beggar Cuts Off Own Toes to Relieve ‘Unbearable’ Gangrene

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An elderly Pattaya beggar whose gangrened feet drove her mad cut off her own toes to relieve the pain Saturday night.

A bloodied and crying Noochan Malaikham, 73, was assisted by local rescue volunteers in the northern Naklua section of the eastern city around 9:30 p.m. last night. Both feet had deep wounds to the toes, exposing the bone in some cases.

The Maha Sarakham native refused to go to the hospital, leaving paramedics no choice but to clean and dress the wounds and implore her to see a doctor on her own. She agreed to go to the hospital regularly as directed by medics for further treatment and take her medicine regularly.

Noochan told rescuers that she suffers from diabetes, which has cut blood flow to her feet, leading to gangrene in her toes. The pain, she said, was unbearable.

However, she is a beggar with little money and lives in an abandoned house with her 2 sons-in-law, who supported her, but they both have their own financial troubles, she had no choice but to come out and beg for money to buy necessities and food.

To qualify for insurance, he would need signatures from children. But one is in jail for a drug conviction and she is not in touch with her other three kids.

So, going insane from the pain, she decided to cut off the dead tissue herself. She cut the skin of bit by bit until the bone was exposed. She then used extra force to cut all off her toes off.