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Pattaya Elephant Tenders Wins B12 Million in Thai Lottery

Pattaya mahout wins 12 million baht in lottery thailand

A Pattaya elephant mahout who bought lottery tickets hoping to win a few peanuts instead got 12 million of them when he won first prize in Thursday’s government lottery.

Nipon Sangam, 40, bought his tickets trying to match the last two number’s with his truck’s license plate. He didn’t give much thought to the other digits until his wife called him Thursday, screaming that he’d matched all six digits: 873286.

The mahout said he’d never expected to win anything and had thrown the tickets in a dresser drawer.

The Buri Ram-native has no plans to live elephantine large. He’s going to use the money to pay off his pachyderm-sized debts and fund his childrens’ education. Meanwhile, he’ll keep working at the Pattaya Elephant Camp.

1.40-year-old Mr. Nipon Sangam from Burirum working as an elephant mahout in Pattaya won 12 million baht lottery