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Pattaya Monorail Won’t Be Complete Until 2036 … If Ever

Pattaya Monorail Train Thailand
A light-rail monorail like this one seen in a photo from the Pattaya feasibility study would begin construction in 2022. (Photo: Pattaya Mail with permission.

Pattaya won’t see a working light-rail train system until at least 2026, if ever.

First proposed in 2008 by former mayor – and now culture minister – Itthiphol Kunplome, a downtown monorail might actually accept its first passengers in 2026, according to a near-final draft of the project’s feasibility study.

Deputy City Manager Suthum Petchked reviewed the report – which is 80 percent complete – with regional government leaders and executives from public utility enterprises July 17 at Pattaya City Hall.

The report, which still must incorporate analysis of topology, road conditions, routes, land expropriations, environmental effects and investment budgets, fleshes out details first released in May about the monorail, which was chosen over options for a road-level tram and underground subway. It would sit 18 meters above street level with tracks supported by steel-reinforced concrete pillars 1.8 meters wide, allowing for minimal land expropriation and offering the most-affordable cost of the three options.

The report envisions three train lines – Green, Purple and Red – that would by 2036 connect East Pattaya, downtown and Jomtien Beach.

The Green Line would run a nine-kilometer route from the Pattaya train station, along Highway 7 to North Road and on to Second Road, then turn off of Thappraya Road and terminate at Bali Hai Pier. The initial cost estimates for this line alone is 21 billion baht, including parking structures and a 40-rai station and shopping mall.

The Purple Line, would be built between 2027 and 2031, would run from Nongprue Subdistrict to a Green Line station at the intersection of Pattaya’s South and Second roads.

The Red Line, serving Jomtien Beach, would be built from 2032-36, running from the Eastern National Indoor National Sports Stadium on Soi Chaiyapruek 2 along Jomtien Second Road to Pattaya Second Road and terminating at the Dolphin roundabout.

On the Green Line, the fares would cost 16 baht for the first kilometer and 2.8 baht for each subsequent with the cost riding the entire route capped at 45 baht.