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Pattaya Thais Tried to Buy Pfizer Jabs Illegally; Instead They Got Swindled

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A group of entitled Pattaya women who paid to illegally obtain jabs of Pfizer-BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine they didn’t quaify for ended up getting swindled out of their cash.

Jindarat Daosornprasart, 56, Linda Jeanwuth, 59, and other friends moaned to the media – because police didn’t want to hear it – that they paid 2,400 baht each to a man claiming to be a doctor affiliated with a famous Pattaya private hospital.

He told the women he had access to doses of the much-sought mRNA Covid-19 vaccine allocated to the hospital by a foreign embassy for expats from that country.

The women, all under 60, were too young and too healty to get Pfizer jabs from the Thai government and obviously weren’t expats. But they thought, as usual, all they needed was money to get their way.

So they transferred the baht in August and were told their appointments would be in September.

The appointment date came and went and there was no word from the “doctor” and no one could reach him. Jindarat contacted the hospital and was told there was no such doctor or program.

The would-be line-jumpers went to the media to complain about being swindled, although some would say that karma paid them back.