Repairs are underway on Pattaya’s beaches after the city was hit with some of the worst flooding of the rainy season over the weekend.

Bulldozers and JCBs began the slow march north on Pattaya Beach before dawn Monday, filling in the huge tracts of sand carved out by raging runoff from the storm that hit the city early Saturday.

Water racing westward from the higher elevations of Nongprue Subdistrict first submerged Sukhumvit Road, Third and Second Roads before finally pooling on Beach Road where the floodwaters used car and boat ramps to dig channels more than a meter deep into the rebuilt Pattaya Beach.

Damage was nearly as bad on Jomtien Beach where similar chunks of sand were washed away. Like Pattaya Beach last year, Jomtien is set to receive at 586-million-baht rebuild that won’t be completed until 2022.

By Monday afternoon, work crews had reached Soi 10 in Pattaya, with the worst damage at the foot of Soi 6 still to go.

Completed work further south was hardly perfect. While the tracts were filled in, the sand will remained carved up and uneven. More machinery will be brought in tomorrow to complete the job.

Work to repair Jomtien Beach also will be completed later.