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Sattahip Drunk Tries to Blow Up Own Motorbike After It Runs Out of Gas

Sattahip Drunk Destorys Motorbike
Udomsak was having a really bad day after running out of gas. (Photo: Pattaya Mail. Used with Permission)

A drunk Sattahip man was arrested after smashing up his own motorbike because it ran out of gas.

Udomsak, 41, was cuffed on Sukhumvit Sattahip Soi 4 after trying to destroy blue Honda Click. Passersby who didn’t give the manic man a wide berth suggested he might calm down. The gas station wasn’t far.

They got only insults and admonitions to butt out.

Udomsak then decided the best way to kill his bike would be to set it on fire. But, of course, it was out of gas, so there was nothing to ignite.

Finally police arrived and, they too, took ears full of abuse. Officers tried to talk Udomsak down, but it was clear he’d had a few beverages before driving off with an near-empty tank, so they slapped on the cuffs.

Udomsak now faces drunk-driving and disorderly conduct charges. And a motorbike repair bill when he sobers up.