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Sin City Returns to Form with 2 Attacks on Foreigners Outside Seedy Pattaya Bars

CCTV footage of the melee on Soi LK Metro in Pattaya April 13.
CCTV footage of the melee on Soi LK Metro in Pattaya April 13.

The tourists are back in Pattaya and so are the attacks on them by thugs working for the city’s bars.

On April 13 alone, an American man complained to police he was beaten up on Walking Street and an Italian man was jumped by security thugs on Soi LK Metro.

Vincenzo Cammarata, 32, was injured when an argument between two groups of foreigners erupted into a street brawl on the Soi LK Metro nightlife strip.

The Italian brought his Thai girlfriend Waranya Sikasri, 34, and a busted-up face to Pattaya Police Station late Wednesday, claiming they were chatting to some of her bargirl friends after bars closed when they were attacked for no reason.

About 30 seconds of investigation, however, showed Cammarata was a liar. Security camera video clearly showed he got into an argument with the other foreign men, which quickly escalated to a fistfight.

Five security guards from a bar that had just closed nearby joined in, and then another group of Thai men looking for trouble did the usual for Thai hoods, kicking the foreigners while on the ground.

The security guards, pulled in by police April 14, claimed they were trying to break up the brawl when the foreigners began hitting them, so they were simply defending themselves. They were charged with assault, nonetheless.

Police did not release the names of all the perpetrators, pending the ongoing investigation. Officers said not all foreigners involved were cooperating and there were many conflicting statements.

As Pattaya police were taking the Italian’s report, American Aaron Louis Jackson, 55, filed a report with Pattaya police April 13 about an incident outside the Candy Shop club on Walking Street four days earlier.

Jackson said that about 11:30 p.m. April 9, he received a message from a woman asking where he was. He replied he was outside Candy Shop, which was still open a half-hour after legal closing time.

Out of nowhere, Jackson claimed, the woman and another man jumped him with the fight being broken up by bar security guards, but not before threatening to beat him up again.

It didn’t take a world-class detective for police to realize the American obviously knew the woman and had an earlier problem with her. But they promised to track down the perpetrators nonetheless.