WATCH: Pattaya Police Chase Drug Suspect Before Shooting Out Tires

It wasn’t a scene ripped out of a Hollywood movie, but trigger-happy Pattaya police got to use their guns for the first time in a while as they shot out of the tires of a drug suspect in a low-speed chase this week.

Suppachai Sangkadith, 28, was captured after crashing his Honda City into a traffic island barrier at the U-turn in front of Prachumkongka Temple July 28.

Police had set up a drug buy with Suppachai, but blew their cover before the arrest was made. He took off with police in pursuit. Police tried to end the chase by shooting out his tires, but Suppachai continued on, driving on his rims until he lost control and crashed.

Officers recovered 2,000 ya ba tablets, 100 grams of crystal meth and a Thai-made gun.

Investigators will now try to flip Suppachai to find his supplier.