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30 Russians to Clean Filthy Phuket Beach Today

Bang Tao Beach Polluted Garbage Phuket Thailand 2
Bang Tao Beach on Sunday.

About 30 Russians will join Phuket volunteers today to clean up Bang Tao Beach, which was closed Sunday after waves of garbage washed ashore.

Cherng Talay Subdistrict Mayor Ma-ann Samran warned people not to visit the filthy beach on Monday, saying there was too much broken glass and other debris that could cause injuries.

He suggested sun lovers to go Surin Beach instead.

Photos of Bang Tao published on the Bangkok Herald’s Facebook page Sunday, drew hundreds of shares and comments, most of them from Russian and European expats and tourists distraught over the sorry state of the beach.

“This is absolutely devastating,” wrote reader Birgit Schad. “I stayed there last year and picked up all the trash I stumbled across. What have we done in only 50 years…”

Ma-ann said a mass cleanup was scheduled for this morning and likely would take into the early afternoon to complete.

The tsunami of plastic, glass, branches and broken fishing equipment was washed ashore on Saturday night by the southwesterly monsoon.

Sirinath National Park chief Natthawat Nuisriram said tides of trash are unfortunately very routine this time of year. He said a lot of the waste originated in Phuket canals.

He invited anyone concerned about the environment to join in the park service’s regular cleanups, even calling him at 081-968-5725 to volunteer.