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Expats Assisting Confused Farangs at Phuket Immigration Office

Expats Help Provide Assistance at Phuket Thailand Immigration Office

A group of volunteering expats is now assisting with services at the Immigration Office in Phuket, making it easier for other foreigners contacting the office.

The “Phuket Immigration Volunteers” or PIVs group was formed to help people needing immigration services. Member Carmen Keppler said she was impressed with the assistance given by others when she contacted the immigration office, as she was required to show several documents each visit.

She said the PIV group was founded by other expats in Phuket having the same impression, as sometimes communicating in English leads to miscommunication, as Phuket is home to a multinational community.

The group, consisting of expats from many countries, provides assistance with multilingual communications as needed between foreign clients and local officials.

The group now includes expats from Germany, China, Hong Kong, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands, among others.

Keppler said she is happy to be able to help many other people with her volunteer work.