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‘Missing’ Brit Found Safe in Phuket Prison for Drunk Driving

Peter Murray Brit Missing Found Phuket Jail

A British man reported missing by his U.K. family has been found safe and sound … behind bars in Phuket for drunk driving.

Peter Murray, 60, is being held at Phuket Provincial Prison as Phuket police investigate his background in preparation for a court hearing on drunk- and reckless-driving charges stemming from a July 28 motorbike in which he was found to have ran into another bike while seriously over the legal limit.

Panic bells went off among Murray’s loved ones when he never showed up in Bulgaria for a family holiday. He had spoken with his sister, Sonia Murray, the day before the motorbike wreck, in which the other driver sustained minor injuries, but couldn’t reach him afterward.

“I spoke to him last on the 27th July and the flights had not been cancelled yet he did not give me the flight times so I could pick him up this side in Bulgaria,” she wrote on Facebook. “He has not answered his phone in a week and I believe if he lost his phone he would of replaced it within a couple of days.”

On Aug. 7, a desperate Sonia contacted the Phuket News, giving the details about his hotel and lifestyle in hopes they could located him. They did: In Phuket Provincial Prison where he was taken after his July 29 arraignment.

Phuket police acknowledged that the road bang-up wasn’t serious, but Murray had a 0.3-percent blood alcohol level, so he was charged with both drunk driving and reckless driving causing injury.

The Phuket News saw Murray on Monday for three minutes and said he’s bruised, sore and has a new jailhouse haircut, but is otherwise well, if not a bit depressed.

He hopes to make bail in a week, unless he’s convicted and sentenced to a longer stay indoors in Phuket.