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Phuket massage parlors prepare to reopen

Phuket Massage Spa

With a government panel on Wednesday expected to list businesses that can reopen during Phase 3 of Thailand’s economic recovery, Phuket is getting its massage parlors and spas ready.

Phuket Province, along with Phuket Rajabhat University, Phuket Provincial Public Health Office, and the Phuket Spa Association, held a workshop for spas and massage parlors on disease control measures that the businesses must adopt once allowed to reopen.

The measures start with adjusted services where customers must have their temperature taken, and venues must be capacity-controlled to limit the number of customers and service duration at any given time.

Employees will have their break times staggered, and should frequently disinfect their personal items. Businesses must provide training to employees and ask them not to visit crowded areas. Sprays won’t be used in the premises to prevent use of aerosols. Employees must keep at least one-meter distance, while the venues should be well ventilated and disinfected frequently.

These measures will serve as guidelines for spas and massage parlors in Phuket, preparing themselves prior to the reopening of their businesses once the government further eases the restrictions, while helping limit the transmission of Covid-19, and boost confidence among customers.