WATCH: Phuket Driver Bursts Into Flames After Truck Touches Live Power Lines

A Phuket truck driver burst into flames after being electrocuted when his truck touched live power lines.

Paramedics arrived at the intersection of Chao Fa West and Muang Chaofa roads in Wichit Subdistrict Thursday to find the unidentified man with severe burns to both feet and his left arm, as well as head injuries sustained when was shocked and fell in the street.

Witnesses, initially unable to touch the man brimming with current, eventually moved him to a nearby restaurant. He was transported to a local hospital, although a report on his condition was not immediately available.

A closed-circuit camera captured the horrific accident. The victim was driving a six-wheeled flatbed truck with a tall steel structure in the back. It was too tall to be traveling on city streets and, as it began to roll through the intersection, snagged high-voltage lines above.

A visible blue spark erupted and coursed down through the truck and into the cab where the driver undoubtedly got a jolt. His mistake, however, was exiting the vehicle.

As the video shows, he tries several times to open the door, finally emerging. But he continued to hold on to the truck door as he touched earth, grounding the current and setting himself alight in the process as the electricity coarsed through his body.

He collapsed to the ground, writing with pain and current. Bystanders were unable to help for fear of being shocked themselves. He rolled in the street to put out the flames.

Meanwhile, a coworker in the truck safely jumped to the ground and ran for help even as the truck’s front tire exploded. Bystanders sprayed the truck with a fire extinguisher.