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Interior Ministry Again Affirms Local Elections by Year-End

Thailand Local Election Posters

With the Election Commission having confirmed its readiness to organize local elections, while urging the government to hold them quickly, the Ministry of the Interior announced Tuesday that the new constituencies will be clearly defined after October.

Deputy Minister Nipon Bunyamanee said the time frame for the holding of local elections remains the end of this year.

After drawing up constituencies, a meeting with the EC will take place to discuss further preparations. The meeting will determine the types of local elections to be held first, before submitting its resolution to the cabinet for consideration.

Nipon said each type of local election should take place on different days to prevent confusion, and several types of ballots will be used.

It has not been decided whether the Bangkok gubernatorial election will take place before or after local elections, but the deputy minister insisted that the Bangkok Metropolitan Council will have to make preparations to save costs.

The government repeatedly has promised elections and conveniently found multiple reasons to continue to postpone them.