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8 Dogs, 3 Cats Poisoned, 4 Missing at Ratchaburi Temple

Police suspect killer is temple member

Eleven dogs and cats at a Ratchaburi temple died after being poisoned, likely by a worker or frequent visitor, police said.

Along with the eight dogs and three cats found dead at Wat Takdang in the Central province’s Bang Phae District, four more animals are missing.

Phra Narong Thanwararo, the monk who found the animals, said he returned to the wat around 9 p.m. Saturday to feed the dogs as he does every day, but the animals did not come when he called. He found several dead behind a building, foam coming from their mouths.

The cats were found Sunday morning, including a pregnant mother whose life monks and reporters tried to save to no avail.

Dead Cats Poisoned Ratchaburi Temple Thailand

Police interviewed shopkeers and residents living near the temple and no reported the dogs barking as they would if a stranger came on to the temple grounds.

Narong and temple-goers said they believe the dogs would have raised an alarm upon seeing a stranger and, thus, the animal killer must have been familiar: a temple employee, vendor or frequent visitor.