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Aid Rushed to Flood-Ravaged Yala, Narathiwat

Thailand south Yala Narathiwat flooding

Authorities have been providing assistance to flood-affected residents in southern provinces after continuous rainfall caused inundation and river overflows in the provinces of Yala and Narathiwat.

According to the Thai Meteorological Department, provinces in the south experienced heavy to very heavy rain during Feb. 23-26 due to strong northeasterly winds and low-pressure cells in the region. Four districts in Yala Province ­– namely Muang Yala, Raman, Yaha and Krong Pinang – reported flooding while residents in Narathiwat’s Sungai Kolok District were severely affected by overflow from the Golok River.

Yala Gov. Pirom Nittaya inspected flood zones in Muang Yala district and ordered officials to assist residents facing 30-60-centimeter water levels in residential areas due to heavy rainfall.

Authorities are also increasing drainage into the Pattani River, while the Pattani Dam in Pattani province has been discharging water to prepare for more rainfall. According to reports, about 11,000 people across some 2,800 households have been affected by recent floods in the province.

In Narathiwat, Sungai Kolok Mayor Suchada Phannara said heavy rainfall has caused water from the Golok River to overflow into nearby areas.

Rescuers have evacuated 125 people from 33 households to a nearby center for safety. The mayor noted that officials will have to wait for water levels in the river to recede before deploying pumps to remove flood water from the affected areas.

Meanwhile, affected communities have proposed a 3-kilometer expansion to a barrier dam that is already under construction to ensure their protection against overflow. The dam, which prevents overflow from the Golok River, is expected to be complete in two years.