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Buri Ram Locals Outraged After Neighbor Beheads Month-Old Puppy

Beheaded Dog Puppy Buriram Thailand

Buri Ram locals are out for blood after someone beheaded a month-old puppy, leaving the rest of its carcass lying alongside its grieving mother.

Prueksa Param, discovered the mutilated body of the tiny Tibetan terrier behind her house in Lahan Sai District Tuesday morning after its mother didn’t respond the girl’s callings. The teen found the mother and three remaining puppies were cowering in a corner. The head of the baby dog was missing.

A devastated Prueksa searched much of the morning around her property for the head before finally burying the puppy without it.

The girl said she had owned the older Tibetan terrier for about six years and it gave birth to four pups last month. Protective of her puppies, the mother barked often and loudly.

Beheaded Dog Puppy Buriram Thailand-1

Prueksa said she heard the dog barking early Monday evening but after it started raining things got quiet. Due to the rain, however, she stayed indoors.

The girl assumed someone angry about the dog’s barking murdered the puppy in the cruelest fashion.

Once word got around Lahan Sai Moo 2 village, residents became angry and outraged, with police vowing to find and prosecute the killer under Thailand’s strict animal cruelty law.