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Burmese Who Prompted Kanchanaburi School Closure Test Negative for Covid-19

Kanchanaburi School Cleaned Coronavirus Thailand

A Burmese man captured in Kanchanaburi this week and a toddler he encountered tested negative for the coronavirus, the province’s governor said.

Jirakiat Phumsawat said Wednesday that the 20-year-old illegal alien and 1-year-old child were safe while the test result of another illegal 17-year-old Burmese migrant remained outstanding.

The two foreigners illegally entered Thailand and later fell ill with fevers. While in Thailand they had come in contact with three pupils at Baan Kui Yae School in Thong Pha Phum District, forcing the school’s closure.

An investigation found that the Burmese men live near the border and did not visit at-risk areas in the past two weeks before crossing the border into Thailand.

The school, meanwhile, will remain closed for two more days as it undergoes cleaning.

Myanmar reported another 57 cases on Wednesday, bringing the country’s total to 995.