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Flooding Critical in Nan as Rivers Overflow

Flooding remains critical in Nan Province as the Nan River overflowed Saturday in Phu Phiang District.

Ban Saeng Dao-Tha Lor Road was flooded with about 1.3 meters of water and became completely impassable to small vehicles.

Soldiers and disaster-mitigation officials deployed trucks and flat boats to help commuters and send people to buy products for their daily consumption.

Floodwaters were deepest in Wiang Sa District. About 1,000 houses were inundated and flood levels reached the second floor of some houses.

Local roads were impassable and local officials and soldiers were handing out food and drinking water and evacuating victims to safe ground.

In Phrae Province, the Yom River overflowed to many areas in Muang and Sung Men districts. The irrigation chief of the northern province warned people to move their belongings to higher ground as water in the Yom River was rising fast.

The chief said that if heavy rain continued in the North, flooding could be as great as what had happened in 1995.