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Kanchanaburi Closes Myanmar Border Crossings

mynamar thailand kanchanaburi border crossing

The governor of Kanchanaburi has ordered the closure of all five border districts indefinitely, in response to a severe Covid-19 outbreak in Myanmar.

In fear of illegal border crossings from Myanmar into Thailand, Gov. Jeerakiat Phumsawat ordered the Kanchanaburi Communicable Disease Committee to close five districts to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak.

The five districts are Chorakhe Phueak, Dan Makham Tia, Muang, Sangkhlaburi, Thong Pha Phum and Sai Yok.

The severe Covid-19 outbreak in Myanmar has led to a high number of cases and deaths. It is estimated that half of the population is infected and thousands of people are dying each day. Official numbers are reporting only a fraction of that.

The failure of the public health system has prompted a large number of people in Myanmar to try to flee to neighboring countries.

In Thailand, Kanchanaburi has a border area adjacent to Myanmar covering five districts, 11 subdistricts and 31 villages.

To prevent illegal border crossings, the Committee of the Border of Thailand and its Neighboring Country Command Center in Kanchanaburi, has issued an order to close the area of the subdistricts and districts mentioned.

The relevant district offices have been instructed to cooperate with the 9th Infantry Division, 17th Military Circle and local police stations to ensure that consumer goods, medical supplies and domestic parcels are unloaded at the entry-exit control points and that there is a temporary suspension of bus services that enter and exit the area, from Aug. 1.