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Khon Kaen Zoo debuts albino barking deer cub

Khon Kaen Zoo Newborn Albino Barking Deer

Khon Kaen Zoo has welcomed the latest member of the zoo’s animal family, with a newborn albino barking deer now ready to be admired by visitors.

The male albino barking deer cub is the most recent arrival to join the animals at Khon Kaen Zoo, where visitors can now come and see just how adorable this rare animal is.

The cub, who has yet to be named, was born into an albino barking deer family, consisting of a female “Mali” and male “Chokchai,” who are both the offspring of “Khun Petch,” who was royally bestowed on the zoo.

The cub is now feeding on his mother’s milk, and is under close monitoring by the zoo’s veterinarian team.

An albino barking deer has white hair, but shares other characteristics with common barking deers. Feeding on grass, leaves, and fruit, this type of deer normally lives independently and feeds at night, while typically resting under bushes during the day.

When disturbed, these deers can vocalize sounds similar to a dog’s bark, hence the name barking deer.

Albino barking deers start mating at around one and a half years of age during winter. A female albino barking deer gives birth after 6 months of pregnancy. Their life expectancy is around 15 years.

The albino barking deer is a protected wildlife species under Thai law.