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Nong Khai Braces for Massive Loei Flood Runoff

Thailand Flooding Tropical Storm Sinlaku Loei Northeast

Nong Khai is bracing for the today’s arrival of devastating floodwaters flowing down from Loei after water levels on the Mekong River jumping 30 centimeters on Monday alone.

The river is expected to rise another 50 centimeters on Tuesday after hitting 3.44 meters at the province’s hydrology station yesterday.

The upstream Chiang Khan hydrology station in Loei Province marked a 70-centimeter increase after torrential rain over the weekend that caused catastrophic flooding.

With the rapidly rising water levels, Nong Khai raft and boat owners tied their vessels together and adjusted catwalks to suit the higher water level to prevent damage. Fish farmers are also keeping a close eye on their floating baskets in the river.

In neighboring Bueng Kan, Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary chief Thaweep Kampaengmuang said Monday that continuous rain has increased the water volume at waterfalls located in the sanctuary where the water flow is very strong.

For safety reasons, the sanctuary has temporarily closed to visitors until the situation improves.

Hard Hit North, Northeast

Loei Flooding Sinlaku Tropical Storm Issan Isan Northeast Thailand

In Loei, flooding damaged 1,000 homes in three districts Sunday. Floodwaters rose quickly, catching many by surprise.

Nong Bua Lam Phu Province just to the south of Sunday’s flooding was the first to get Loei’s runoff.

Several other provinces in the North and Northeast also were hit hard by torrential rains, strong wind and flash flood triggered by Tropical Storm Sinlaku.

As Sinlaku made its way across upper Thailand, four men were swept up in the Pad River in Uttaradit. Their boat smashed apart, sweeping them nearly a kilometer downstream. All four got were saved by a rescue unit in a nearby village.

In Nan, northern Thailand, army troops were mobilized to help evacuate villagers and remove debris from landslides blocking many roads in Phu Piang District.

Meanwhile, a fisherman was reported missing in Wang Tong district of Phitsanulok. He was caught up in fast-moving water in the Khek River Sunday night.

The Meteorological Department has issued weather warnings.  Heavy rains are expected in more than 40 provinces across the northern and northeastern regions until Tuesday.