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Nude Panda? Food Delivery Driver Gets Naked in Songkhla

Naked Nude Motorcycle Food Delivery Driver Thailand Songkhla

Food delivery is a tough business in Thailand. Some drivers dress up as aliens to entice tips. A driver in Songkha did the opposite, delivery lunch in the buff.

Botsin Dueanchamroon, 24, was fined 500 baht for public nudity by Songkhla police on Monday after he turned himself in amid an online uproar.

The driver cited personal problems in his decision to strip off while at work delivering food on Kanchanavanich Road earlier in the day.

Motorcycle-taxi driver Bai Aumaoom, 66, said he saw Botsin park in front of Wat Hua Pom Nok then disrobe, walk around and then get back on his bike and drive off.

His naked driving skills were captured on a viral video that was later deleted.

He wasn’t actually on the job while nude, but one woman in the area swore she’d never order from his food-delivery company again, just to be be safe.