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Pattani Protest Wednesday to Demand Firing of Hijab-Banning School Principal

Pattani Muslim South STudents SChool Hijab

Parents will protest in Pattani on Wednesday to call for the firing of the principal of Anuban School for banning students from wearing hijabs.

The conflict started in May 2018 when management of the primary school said Muslim students could not wear hijabs and had to follow its uniform regulations strictly because the school stood inside the compound of Buddhist Nopawongsaram Temple.

In the latest development, Sayan Sukchan, head of the local Protection Center, invited parents, religious leaders and representatives of civil society to gather at the central mosque of Pattani on May 25 to call for the ouster of the principal of Anuban Pattani School.

They planned to write a letter to the Pattani governor to demand the ouster for the principal’s failure to respect the basic rights of Thai citizens and rejecting a ruling of the Administration Court that already allowed Muslim students to wear their traditional clothing at schools.

More than 3,000 people are expected to join the demonstration.