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Severe Flooding Continues in Nakhon Ratchasima

Severe Flooding Continues in Nakhon Ratchasima-1

Flooding in Nakhon Ratchasima remained severe Monday as the Mun River continued overflowing, inundating hundreds of homes across numerous subdistricts in Non Sung District.

Hard-hit were communities in Lam Mun, Than Prasat, Jan-at and Bing sub-districts of Non Sung district that was receiving the water of the Mun River from Chalerm Phrakiat District.

The level of the Mun River was rising and flooded areas were expanding. In Lam Mun sub-district, about 500 houses were one meter under water. Roads and a big primary school in Ban Nong Jot village were inundated. Floodwater was flowing towards Phimai District.

Meanwhile, flood levels became stable in subdistricts of Chalerm Phrakiat that received floodwater from Chok Chai District. Floods were deeper than one meter in the areas.

More than 100 houses were under water in Ban Takud Khon village of Tha Chang Subdistrict. Villagers were evacuated.

The Mun River was overflowing in Chakkarat, Chalerm Phrakiat, Chok Chai, Non Sung and Phimai districts.