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Starving, Jobless & Homeless, Chiang Mai Man Saved from ‘Suicide by Train’

A Saraburi man who couldn't find work amid the pandemic tried to kill himself by lying down in front of a train Aug. 29. He was pulled to safety as the locomotive approached.

A destitute Chiang Mai laid down in front of an oncoming train to die, but five Saraburi men wouldn’t let him commit suicide.

With the lights of a Korat-bound locative visible in the distance, Chanchai Kurwan, 35, and four friends pulled Chanchai Sae-Pan, 35, from the tracks in Muang District of Saraburi against his will.

Sae-Pan did not thank his saviors. In fact, he simply laid unresponsive on a train depot bench until Sawang Saraburi Rescue Center medics and police arrived Aug. 28.

The would-be dead man told authorities that he had decided life was no longer worth living after coming from Chiang Mai to Saraburi to find work amid the coronavirus recession and having no luck.

He had no place to live, sleeping at night in bus shelters. He had no money and had not eaten in days. Sae-Pan said he felt no one in the world cared about him and the best way to end his suffering was to commit suicide by train.

Police actually admonished the man for trying to flush his life at only 35. They took him to the Muang District police station and fed him before sending him for treatment at a local hospital.