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Sunken Oil Tanker Ordered Salvaged in 15 Days

Thailand Chumphon Oil Spill Tanker Sunk Salvage

The Marine Department ordered the salvage of an oil tanker in the Gulf of Thailand in 15 days.

Phuripat Teerakulpisut, deputy director-general of the department, said he ordered Laem Thong Fishery Oil Trade Company, the owner of the tanker, to salvage the ship in 15 days and clean up the oil spill.

The diesel tanker was anchored and later capsized about 24 nautical miles off the Chumphon estuary on Jan. 22. All its crewmembers were rescued.

Phuripat also ordered buoys to be floated around the tanker to contain its oil spill and declared the area a hazardous zone.

“I ordered the company to salvage the tanker in 15 days and pay all the costs for the oil spill cleanup,” he said.

However, the oil spill appeared to be a film which should be left to degrade naturally. The type of the fuel could naturally degrade by itself, Phuripat said.

He said officials concerned would monitor the extent of environmental impacts and consider appropriate solutions.