WATCH: ‘Ghosts’ Topple Crane, Demolish Nakhon Si Thammarat Shrine

On paper, using a boom crane to remove the smokestack from a Nakhon Si Thammarat crematorium seemed like a good idea. That was until the crane tipped and fell with the chimney, destroying the temple shrine.

Clearly, someone was lacking a civil-engineering degree when work began at the Ganges Temple in Muang District Tuesday. Sure, the crane looked big enough, but it certainly wasn’t heavy enough.

Monks had hired a contractor to dissemble the crematorium, as they’re paying monthly to build a new 3-million-baht crematorium nearby. But they couldn’t take down the shrine without first removing the towering smokestack.

Crane Collapse Nakhon Si Thammarat Crematorium Temple Thailand 1

One of the contractor’s employees with the skills of Tarzan swung from a cable hanging off the boom to lasso the top of the chimney. Then the lifting began. It all appeared to being going swimmingly until the smokestack broke free of its foundation and its weight pulled over the insufficiently weighted crane.

No living person was injured in the accident – Tarzan had already swung to safety – but locals in the southern province swore they heard hundreds of souls scream.

They’re convinced that the spirits of the dead were furious with their final resting place being demolished and took out their anger by toppling the giant crane.