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Teachers Group Demands Schools Be Made Safer for Students

Thailand Teachers Demand Safety Students Abuse

A group of teachers called on the Education Ministry and school operators to tackle abuse and safety issues on campus.

The teachers who assembled outside the ministry Sunday raised signs supporting school safety, performed a play about teachers, shared unpleasant experiences while they in schools and read their objectives and demands.

The teachers want educational institutions to ensure the safety of children amid recent incidents of violations of students’ rights, excessive punishments inflicted on pupils, sexual harassment and complaints about students’ hairstyles.

The group wants the education minister to set new policywhile ensuring that schools comply with ministry rules and regulations, Section 4 of the constitution – which stipulates that the human dignity, right, liberty and equality of the people shall be protected  and Chapter 3 of the charter on the rights and liberties of the Thai people.

In addition, the group wants relevant units to provide guidelines on the recruitment process and human-resource development in schools, so that they can perform their duties properly.

There will be mechanisms to prevent human-rights violations and to protect the freedom of expression of everyone. They have to respect each other regardless of their gender, religion or race.

Secretary-General of the Office of the Basic Education Commission Amporn Pinasa said the ministry is now handling these issues.

Amporn said that school safety is an issue that must be urgently addressed. Educational institutions have to direct their teachers to focus on teaching moral values and ethics, while preventing human rights violations.

It will take time to solve this problem. He said the schools of this teachers’ group will serve as pilot institutions to help address the problems, he said.