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Thailand Removes Cannabis from Narcotics List


Thailand’s Narcotics Control Board on Wednesday voted to remove cannabis plants from the list of Category 5 narcotics, which will allow wider use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Permanent Secretary for Public Health Kiarttiphum Wongjit and Food and Drug Administration Secretary-General Paisan Dankhum told a media briefing that the NCB resolved to remove leaves, stems, stalks and roots of cannabis plants – including both Kancha and Kanchong – from the narcotics list.

However, Kiarttiphum noted that despite the delisting of cannabis, only government agencies and community enterprises aligned with government agencies can grow cannabis and must seek permission from the FDA.

The removal is to pave the way for more access to use cannabis for medical purposes as well as in textile, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Hemp plants will be promoted as the new cash crops.

After the board’s decision, the FDA will propose the draft ministerial regulation to the public-health minister to sign and it will be published in the Royal Gazette to be put into effect.

The draft ministerial regulation stipulates that cannabis plants, officially allowed to grow or be extracted in Thailand will no longer be considered as the Category 5 narcotics.