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Thailand Strives for Upgrade on U.S. Human Trafficking Scorecard


The government has set its sights on Thailand being upgraded to Tier 2 on the U.S. Trafficking in Persons report next year.

Deputy Prime Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwan emphasized that the government is committed to solving human trafficking issues, including identifying and protecting trafficking victims.

Prawit urged government agencies to strengthen their efforts to suppress human trafficking with an eye toward improving the country’s poor rating on influential U.S. report.

At the opening ceremony of a workshop on human trafficking suppression in fisheries at the Children, Women, Families Protection Center, Prawit stressed the government’s policy against human trafficking, which is considered a national priority.

He urged related officials to work more collectively, more seriously, and more continually to achieve long-term sustainability, while giving priority to the protection of trafficking victims, particularly abused women and children in confinement.

Gen Prawit urged agencies to increase the level of their efforts, saying previous anti-trafficking efforts were “negligent,” and that government officials were found to be complicit.

He asked the officials to learn from previous cases and to establish a mutual protocol to improve the effectiveness of anti-trafficking operations.

Prawit also asked the police and workplaces to speed up the establishment of a screening center for trafficking victims, in order to make the country’s anti-trafficking system on par with the international standard.