WATCH: Biker, Flip-Flops Go Flying in Head-On Motorbike Crash in Thailand

A motorcyclist with an eye on a woman in a red dress, not the road, went flying after slamming head-on with an oncoming car in Thailand.

A clip of the startling crash began circulated online on Tuesday. Information on the particulars of the crash were scant and it’s unknown where the accident occurred or how badly injured the motorcyclist was.

Serious injury or death certainly was possible, as the driver is sent head-over-heels, his flip-flops flying in the other direction, as he vaults over the car equipped with a dashboard cam.

Repeated viewing shows that the biker, driving in the center of a two-lane road, was distracted by a woman in a red dress walking along the side of the road. The bike veers into the opposite lane, plowing into the driver’s side of the hood.

The impact shattered the car’s windshield.