WATCH as Ladyboy Lifts Gold Chain from Neck of Smiling Bangkok Tourist

A young Scandinavian tourist kept smiling on video after a transgender woman embraced him on a Bangkok street, not knowing she had just stolen the gold chain around his neck.

The viral video was posted to Facebook with the warning “Be careful of ladyboy gangsters” after the young buck led a group of buddies on Sukhumvit Road near the Asok BTS station, promising to show them a good time.

As the tourist mugged for the camera, a transgender prostitute, throws her arm around his neck and propositions him. The greenhorn lad, not realizing she was born a “he”, eats up the affection and leaves the encounter with a big grin on his face.

He didn’t realize until after the camera was off, however, that the streetwalker had liberated the gold necklace from around his neck.

Chain snatches and wallet lifts by “ladyboys” are commonplace in Pattaya and Bangkok, but rarely are caught on video.

While the sticky-fingered ladyboy’s face wasn’t shown on video, police have an identifying tattoo and approximate height to go on if the tourist went to police for help.