WATCH: Metal Sheet Flies Off Truck, Bombing Vehicle Behind

It must have felt like life was flashing before his eyes as a meter-long metal sheet tumbled toward his truck. But a Thai driver with nerves of steel held on and didn’t crash after his windshield was shattered.

There was little the unnamed driver of a pickup truck on Rama 2 Road in Samut Sakhon could do Sept. 16 as the sharp-edged sheet metal floating end-over-end through the air after blowing off a modified water truck ahead of him on the Tha Chin River bridge. It hit the windshield dead-on.

Amazingly, the driver remained calm and safely slowed the pickup without crashing.

The sheet had flown off a rack of built into the back of a pickup truck to hold drinking water bottles. It had been attached with a pin that broke or came loose due to the pressure of wind underneath.

Despite losing part of his contraption, the driver didn’t stop. With a shattered windscreen, the victim started up his car again and chased down the driver, who feigned ignorance.

The proof is on video, however, and the case has now been forwarded to the victim’s insurance company.