WATCH: Phuket Locals, Farangs Join Tug O’ War to Pull Pickup Out of Sea

In a welcome example of cooperation between Thais and foreigners, visitors to Phuket’s Yanui Beach all joined in to pull a pickup truck out of the sea after its owner forgot to set the handbrake.

The scene looked like a massive game of “Tug O’ War” as men and women together pulled a heavy rope to tow the black pickup truck out of the “No Swimming” zone at the Rawai District beach Tuesday.

Lifeguard Witanya Chuayuan said the soggy vehicle belonged to a Rawai resident who had come to relax on the last day of the four-day holiday. Shortly after he parked and walked away, the truck started rolling down the beach, right into the water.

Witanaya urged everyone driving to the beach to set their parking brake as the parking lot and beach are nearly at the same elevation, allowing for easy rolling.