WATCH: Russian’s Nose Bloodied After Sticking It Into Pattaya Democracy Protest

Days after a Frenchman was threatened with deportation for sticking his nose too far into Thai politics, a Russian in Pattaya got his protruding proboscis bloodied after butting into a pro-democracy demonstration on Jomtien Beach.

Vladislav Timokin, 52, was headbutted by Narathiwat “Kane” Khamma, one of the protest organizers and a core leader of the Pattaya’s People’s Party, while being recorded on video during the evening protest on at the Dongtan Beach curve.

The group staged its demonstration about 6 p.m. Sunday night, inviting long-time democracy activists Sirawith “Ja New” Serithiwat and Wanchalerm Kunsen to speak. About 30 Thais and foreigners looked on as the activists repeated pro-democracy movement’s demand for Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to resign, for the constitution to be amended and for the monarchy to be reformed.

It was at that point that Timokin, accompanied by his Thai wife and their daughter, approached the protest leaders and said something. That part of the incident was not captured on video, but it obviously upset Narathiwat, who began screaming and cursing at the Russian, telling him to go back to his home country and to perform obscene acts on himself.

The Russian backed off, saying he didn’t want trouble, but Narathiwat put an exclamation on his thoughts with a quick headbutt to Timokin’s face, bloodying his nose and forehead.

Bystanders pulled Narathiwat back and the protest quickly dispersed and police quickly arrived. Both Timokin and Narathiwat were brought to Pattaya Police Station and officials are expected to provide the media with an update today.

Foreigners have been told repeatedly by their own embassies and the Immigration Department to stay away from street protests and out of Thai politics.

Last week, Yan Eric Marshal, 47, was brought to Immigration Bureau headquarters following a series of inflammatory posts on his Facebook page. Initially threatened with deportation, the Frenchman was given a reprieve with immigration officials calling it a “misunderstanding”.