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As Rainy Season Crescendos, Heavy Rain to Pound Much of Thailand Oct. 7-9

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Rainy season is barreling toward its drenching finale with more heavy rain forecast for today through Friday and, down south, waves up to four meters high.

The Meteorological Department on Tuesday issued a warning for the potential development of a low-pressure system into a tropical depression over the South China Sea today.

The storm is expected to make landfall in southern Vietnam before moving through Cambodia and into the Gulf of Thailand.

Heavy to very heavy rainfall is expected in the lower Northeast, East, Central and South Oct. 7-9.

The southern region will also see an increase in precipitation due to the growing rainy season monsoonal winds, bringing waves of 2-4 meters in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, with possible storm surges along the southern region’s east coast, and the eastern region’s shores.

The TMD recommends villagers in affected areas prepare for possible flash floods. Ships and boats should not go to sea during this period of hash weather. Villagers in coastal areas should relocate their belongings to a safe place to avoid water damage.