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Cooler Temps Across Thailand This Week, More Smog in Bangkok

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Another period of cooler temperatures will greet upper Thailand as well as the Central Region and Bangkok this week, although people in the capital city will also experience an unwelcome increase of airborne particulate matter.

The Meteorological Department reported that temperatures in the Northern and Northeastern Regions will fall by 1-3 degrees Celsius on Dec. 14-15.

On those same dates, the drop in mercury will be slightly less for the Central Region and the Eastern Region where temperatures will decrease by just 1-2 degrees.

Mountaintops in upper Thailand will likely record cold early morning temperatures of 7-15 degrees Celsius. The mercury dropped to 8 degrees Monday on top of Doi Inthanon in Chiang Mai Province.

Tourists at the Kiw Mae Pan scenery viewpoint on the same mountain enjoyed an early morning temperature of 10 degrees Celsius and a sea of fog but those who anticipated viewing the sunrise were let down because of poor visibility.

The Meteorological Department reported that a moderate accumulation of PM2.5 airborne dust and smoke haze prevailed over Thailand. Levels of PM2.5 in Bangkok were generally satisfactory Monday, and areas with unsatisfactory readings were mostly located along busy roads.

The Pollution Control Department earlier warned that Bangkok and its vicinity will likely experience heightened PM2.5 levels from Dec. 15-18. People in greater Bangkok are therefore urged to limit the use of personal transportation, avoid open-air burning and take relevant health precautions.