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Nevermind Cyclone Asani, Rainy Season ‘Begins’ Friday; Drought Predicted

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The Thai Meteorological Department said the rainy season will officially begin Friday so, naturally, the government is predicting drought.

While heavy rain hit much of the country over the weekend, that was not rainy season rain. That only begins Friday. Except, of course, this year the rain will not come and leave parts of Thailand parched. Welcome to Thailand.

Department Director-General Chomparee Chumpurat warned mid-June to mid-July should be unseasonally dry, leaving unirrigated farms dry.

No worries, though, heavy rain will begin in August and continue through the end of October, choosing to downpour when you’ve left the house without an umbrella.

Meanwhile, Tropical Cyclone Asani will reach central India on May 11-12 and cause persistent rains and heavy rains in Thailand, the Meteorological Department stated.

According to the department, the cyclone was in the Bay of Bengal at 4 a.m. Thursday with the maximum wind speed near its eye at about 93 kilometers an hour. It was expected to land in central India on May 11-12.

The cyclone will not have a direct impact on Thailand but will cause persistent rains and heavy rains in some areas. The department warned people of possible flashfloods and runoffs.

Winds will be weaker in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. Waves will be about two meters high in the areas of thunderstorms and people on boat should take precautions, the department said.

Thunderstorms were predicted in 60% of greater Bangkok.