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Single-Digit Temperatures Coming to Northern Thailand

North Thailand Chiang Mai Rai Cold Weather Temperatures

The Meteorological Department warned Monday about colder weather in northern Thailand and strong waves in the Gulf of Thailand.

An area of high pressure and a strong cold air mass from China extends into upper Thailand, causing cold weather and strong winds. The temperature will drop by another 2-4 degrees Celsius.

On the plains in the North and the Northeast, the lowest temperatures are from 9-16 degrees Celsius. On mountaintops, the lowest temperatures range from 2-10 degrees Celsius and there is frost in some areas.

In central and eastern Thailand, the lowest temperatures are from 16-18 degrees Celsius. People in those areas are asked to take care of their health due to the cooler weather.

The strong northeastern monsoon over the Gulf of Thailand and the South has also caused strong waves in the Gulf of Thailand. Waves in the upper Gulf of Thailand are 2-3 meters high and waves in the lower Gulf of Thailand are 2-4 meters high. In the areas affected by a thunderstorm, waves are higher than four meters.