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Thailand Cold Snap Over; Temps to Hit 37C by Sun.

Cold Weather Bundle Up Parkas Jackets Scarves Thailand

No, Thailand’s freak cold snap was not caused by melting icebergs.

Straight out of the April Fool’s Day playbook, Facebook-scrolling dopes believed every word when so-called “experts” blamed the cool weather on a polar vortex caused by global warming.

Among the gullible were Sen. Weerasak Kowsurat, who used his own Facebook page to spread the fake news and called on the government to ensure it provided sufficient warmth to people in the coming ice age.

Not to fear, Thailand’s respite from “summer” – called spring everywhere else in the northern hemisphere – resumes tomorrow, with temperatures expected to return to stifling mid-30s normal in April.

Bangkok will see 31 degrees C before Friday and a sweltering 37 degrees by April 9.

Temperatures will rise by three to five degrees in upper Thailand April 4-7 as the high-pressure system from China responsible for the chill weakens, the Thai Meteorological Department said on Monday.

The three-day break really was a breath of fresh air, in more ways than one. Not only did temperatures plunge almost 15 degrees Celsius, air quality improved to levels rarely seen.

Thank China, which sent strong winds, cooler temperatures and, at times, heavy rain to Thailand.

The TMD poured cold water on the iceberg theory, explaining that the polar vortex does not usually affect Thailand as the Himalayan mountain range redirects cold winds.

“There is no possibility of Thailand being hit by cold winds from the North Pole like the U.S.,” the department said.