Tourist numbers are rising as temperatures fall in the North and Northeast.

Nong Khai, Chiang Mai and Phitsanulok all have been experiencing sharp drops in temperatures and, with it, a rise in visitors chasing the cooler weather.

Mist covered the northern province of Chiang Mai on Friday as local temperatures dropped to as low as 20 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures ranged between 20-24 degrees in the heart of the province on Friday. Meanwhile, thick mist covered its Kew Mae Pan viewpoint on the top of the Doi Inthanon mountain where the temperature dropped to 11 degrees.

Tourism has picked up noticeably at the flower gardens of Ban Pa Koi Tai in San Phee Suea Subdistrict. The gardens were planted by local graduates and mostly feature fragrant flowers. Coffee shops in the area have also proven popular.

Flowers are also an attraction in Ban Don Tan of Muang Kaeo Subdistrict in Mae Rim District, with tourists able to visit fields of flowers, grown for sale.

In Nong Khai, the expansive fields and mountains in Ban Muang sub-district of Sangkom District has been popular, with people posting photos to social media.

Bookings at area hotels are filled until the end of the year, prompting some residents to open homestays and set up camping sites to meet demand.

The subdistrict currently can accommodate 1,500 tourists, but demand is rising as people seek to view the Mekong River blanketed in mist during the cool season.

Local officials say temperatures have dropped considerably, with dew now forming in the mornings. Campers are advised to prepare plastic bags to protect their valuables from the condensation.

Similar weather was reported at Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park in nearby Phitsanulok Province where morning temperatures dipped to 15 degrees.

The road to the Doi Suthep mountain was also covered with mist. It blocked visitors from seeing the center of Chiang Mai from Doi Suthep.

In Phitsanulok, the morning temperature measured 15 degrees in Ban Mai Rong Kla village at the heart of the Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park in Noen Perm Subdistrict of Nakhon Thai District.

Mist also blanketed the village and local people were advised to use winter gear. Temperatures were expected to fall to the single-digit level there where frost usually appears in November.

The Northern Meteorological Center in Chiang Mai said the North and the Northeast were shrouded in a high-pressure system from China. Consequently, rain will decrease in the North and local temperatures will fall by 1-2 degrees Celsius.

Cold weather is predicted in the mornings in Chiang Mai and rain will cover 20 percent of the area. Local people were advised to take good care of their health due to fluctuating weather conditions.

The Meteorological Department announced winter started in the country on Oct. 22 as temperatures in the North, the Northeast, the Central Plains and the East were steadily below 23 degrees Celsius and rain declined. Meanwhile, the rainy season began in the South.

This story combines reports from Thai News Agency and the National News Bureau of Thailand.