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Wet Week Ahead for Thailand

Bangkok Rainstorm Chinatown Thailand Tuk Tuk

Keep an umbrella handy Thailand, it’s going to be a wet week.

The Thai Meteorological Department warned Sunday that the seasonal monsoon will bring moderate-to-heavy rain across the North, Northeast and South from July 6-11 with the Central and East also likely to see regular, although not torrential, rain every day.

Scattered thunderstorms and isolated heavy rain should start in Bangkok and Pattaya today with southwesterly winds blowing up to 30 kilometers per hour through Wednesday. High temperatures will make it extra steamy, ranging between 34 and 37 degrees Celsius.

In Chiang Mai, North and Northeast, rain will be heaviest through Wednesday, tapering off to scattered showers daily through July 11. High temperatures will range from 32-37 degrees.

The worst of the weather will be in the South and Southwest, with winds up to 35 kph, although storms there are expected to end on Wednesday.