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Brit Jailed for Fleeing to Thailand After Blaming Pregnant Lover for Car Crash

Proving love is blind, framed girlfriend takes him back

Samuel Lowe Damar Nield Thailand
The Bolton Crown Court and Samuel Lowe.

Proving love truly is blind, an Englishman who blamed his pregnant girlfriend for crashing his stolen car and then absconding to Thailand for a year not only is now behind bars, but was taken by her, as well.

Samuel Lowe, 27, doesn’t look to be much of a catch, but that didn’t stop 21-year-old Damar Nield from forgiving the Halliwell, Greater Manchester-native and welcoming him back to their bed, after he finishes an eight-month prison stint, of course.

In doing so, she brushed aside the fact that it was almost her in the slammer after he blamed her for a 2017 car wreck in Haeton and then fled the country to shack up with “a sick relative” in Thailand, where he hid out for 13 months.

Lowe’s attorney, Beverley Hackett, told the Bolton News that Lowe panicked and “buried his head in the sand” in the Land of Smiles.

He was arrested in July after returning to the United Kingdom, saying he “bitterly regrets” leaving the mother of his two children on the legal hook and was prepared to take full responsibility for his actions.

Those actions began on the night of Oct. 8, 2017 when Nield – pregnant at the time – needed to be rushed to the hospital. Lowe didn’t have a car, let alone any insurance, but “borrowed” his aunt’s French-made Dacia Sandero supermini.

On the way to the doctor, Lowe crashed into Renault van and careened into a Peugeot 108.

Both he and Nield were charged with aggravated vehicle taking and Lowe told police that his girlfriend had been driving. Then he disappeared.

Charges against her stuck for a year until she came before the Bolton Crown Court when the truth came out and the charges against her were dropped.

The court then added charges of perverting the course of justice, going on the run, and driving without insurance against Lowe.

He currently is serving a six-week prison sentence for those charges and a concurrent sentence of eight months for the aggravated vehicle taking.

Both an astonished court judge and prosecutor pointed out how lucky it was Nield took him back. Neild, however, is probably used to Lowe being in trouble with the law.

Four months before the fateful crash, he was ordered to pay more than 700 British pounds after another motorist caught him on camera throwing a fast-food wrapper out the window of another car.

When the filming motorist challenged Lowe, he replied “I’m a taxpayer so I can do as I please”. He never showed up for his court hearing and was found guilty in absentia.