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Gov’t Worries as Thai Monks, Nationals Fall Ill with Covid-19 Across U.S.

Thai Temple Las Vegas Nevada USA Thailand

The Foreign Ministry is watching anxiously as growing numbers of Thais in the United Station fall ill with Covid-19.

Monks at Buddhist temples in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles have fallen ill, as well as a number of other Thai nationals in the country.

Ministry spokesman Cherdkiat Atthakor said three of five Thai monks at a Buddhist temple in Las Vegas are infected with the coronavirus. Two are being treated in hospital and are recovering. The other is isolated at the temple, as his condition is not severe. The temple’s abbot and another monk tested negative, but are being quarantined separately.

Thai temples in Las Vegas announced their closure in February. After the easing of lockdown restrictions in July, the temples have reopened for visitors and the monks have not performed religious duties outside their premises. A former abbot of Buddha Pavana Temple there died of old age and complications from an infection on July 11.

Three monks at Wat Thai Los Angeles in North Hollywood also fell ill with Covid-19 with two needing hospitalization.

The Royal Thai Consulate-General in Los Angeles reported that four people, working in a Thai restaurant, tested positive for COVID-19, but their conditions are improving. They are currently in isolation in their respective homes.

The consulate-general has delivered protective gear to Thai temples and communities in Las Vegas, while closely monitoring the condition of the two monks.

The United States’ coronavirus is out of control and the country has the most cases and deaths in the world. The ministry urged Thai nationals there to protect themselves. If they develop suspicious symptoms, they are advised to seek medical attention immediately.